Monday, April 23, 2018

amek026 Cyberian - Limerence (CS)

“Limerence” is a deep and personal record, which has perfectly managed to capture and preserve obsession with its impact on the human self. The album translates secluded urges into creativity. Digging beyond semantics and life-music parallels, Cyberian has shared a lengthy and exhausting exploration of feelings and inner conflicts, which results in evolving sonic nuances and varying approaches to electronic sound. “Limerence” unfolds in its own pace, leaving you sometimes enchanted, other times angry but always striving for the dreams these 60+ minutes of drifting emotional electronic are soaked with.

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Shipping starts May 7.

Written, recorded and mastered by Stefan Bachvarov. Artwork by Super Quiet (

This is amek022.
Release date: April 30.

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