Wednesday, November 28, 2018

amek030 Discordless "Nelocuit" (CS)

Whole nine years have passed since Marius Costache (Environments, FEBRA) last published music under the name Discordless. Now, with his brand new full-length 'Nelocuit' the project is officially resurrected. The music is once again torn between the extremes. The atmospheres are raw, the synths and bass lines are heavily re-amped through guitar gear giving the record the signature live but mean Marius Costache sound.

 'Nelocuit' crosses the fragile boundaries of all genres it's exploring. The harsher take on ambient music and the bold experimentalism of Discordless often infiltrate the realms of club music with high bpm beats and aggressive percussive textures. No better way to close the year but with a return of one of our favorite sonic maniacs. Discordless is back!

Order via Bandcamp.

Created at Studio148 by Marius Costache with Para (track 7), Fane (track 8), Șerb (track 4). 
Artwork by Alexandru Das.


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