Thursday, January 31, 2019

amek031 V-stók "Primordial Soup" (CS)

Usually experimenting with abstract rhythmic structures, mellow atmospheres, guitar and synth textures, Bulgarian-born producer V-stók has been taming electronic sounds in the London scene for quite a few years now. His passion for longer and more free-form audio explorations has finally brought him to Amek Collective. 

 From the fragile ambient soundcapes of 'Omne Vivum Ex Vivo' to the Berlin School-influenced hypnotic sequences of 'This Life' or the raw noise in 'Golden Carnivore', 'Primordial Soup' is a recording that drifts into a plethora of genres. The sound is constantly morphing but never losing focus.

Order via Bandcamp.

All music written and produced by Valentin Doychinov.
Artwork by Tearzdrop (

Limited to 50 copies. 

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