Wednesday, September 9, 2020

amek047 Conjecture "∫V" CS


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"∫V" by Conjecture is a companion EP to their full-length LP "V" (Amek, 2019). In mathematical language the "∫" means "complete" and so the record contains previously unheard music, written during the recording sessions of "V". With this new EP Conjecture puts the final touches of what was started over a year ago with his vinyl debut for Amek but the music on the record also hints at what we are to expect of the project's future sound explorations. 

 Alongside three previously unheard solo pieces of Conjecture's signature introspective yet powerful take on post-industrial music, "∫V" features three guest interpretations of the same material. LATE, antechamber & Талос re-envision Conjecture's music and bring its already deep and nuanced sound to a whole new level. "∫V" is not a curiosity in the project's always-evolving body of work but a must-have for both new listeners and die-hard fans of his immersive music realms.

Music by Vasilis Angelopoulos 2018-2019 ( 
Vocals on ΦΟΝΟΣ by Glen Tartaglia ]interstice[ 
Cover photo by Vaia Pilafa ( 
Cover model Hawk Stigmata 
Mastered by Sotiris Laskaris

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