Thursday, November 5, 2020

amek049 Non Photo Blue "Dépaysement" CS


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Daniel Donchov (Leaver) is returning to Amek for his second solo full-length album as Non Photo Blue. His crystal synth drones are once again inspired by travels and are a portrayal of his inner dialogs with the unknown. In "Dépaysement", Donchov is reviving and reliving a solitary journey he undertook across several US states in the Autumn of 2019, when international travel wasn't yet a distant memory. 

Beneath the deceivingly calm and warm soundscapes are lurking uncertain tones of distorted pianos, cold voices of public service announcements, various found sounds, and menacing undertones, which resemble decaying memories of train rattle. The album is a slow-paced exploration of ambient sound, but also an example how one could embrace discomfort and anxiety and transform them in an overwhelming sonic beauty. 

Written & recorded by Daniel Donchov. 
Mastered by Marius Costache (Studio148). 
Layout & photography by Kovlen Studio.

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