Sunday, February 14, 2021

amek052 Anarchist Mountains Trio "La terre et la force" CS

“La terre et la force” is a subtle, beautifully paced album reflecting the summer day in Montréal, Canada on which it was born. On this recording Anarchist Mountains, usually a duo of brothers Stefan and Jordan Christoff, are joined by Joseph Sannicandro. 

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The result is an exchange, rooted in sonic conversation and also a moment of communion, a point in spacetime with everyone together in the city. “La terre et la force” offers a momentary transcendence. Within carefully yet intuitively orchestrated layers we hear Joseph contributing electronics and street sounds from his travels around the world. Jordan pours his heart and soul in delicate synth scapes, while Stefan offers a needed edge through electric guitar tones driven by volume boosts, that he first experimented with in teenage punk bands. 

 “La terre et la force” by Anarchist Mountains Trio is a sonic spell summoned by three kids with Mediterranean roots in the Americas. 

Jordan Christoff: synthesizer 
Joseph Sannicandro: field recordings, electronics 
Stefan Christoff: electric guitar 

Mastering by Marius Costache (Studio 148) 
Artwork photography by Angel Simitchiev

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