Sunday, August 22, 2021

a-m_e|k p_88 Stefan Christoff (Canada) piano improvisations, Studio 1, БНР


Another last-minute magic we've managed to arrange with the mighty Alarma Punk Jazz! Stefan Christoff (Montreal, Canada) is in Sofia next week and we'll see him not at one but at two very special events. 

23/08 (Monday): Art + Activism - презентация на музикантa и активист Стефан Христоф (Канада), Фабрика Автономия 

24/08 (Tuesday): Стефан Христоф [Монреал]- пиано импровизации, Първо студио, БНР

To attend the free concert at the National Radio please download this invitation on your phone or print it to show it at the door:

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