Monday, January 24, 2022

amek060 Shrine & Mytrip "Descent" 7"

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“Descent” is a two-track collaboration between key Bulgarian ambient acts Shrine and Mytrip. Sharing a passion for loud and textural ambient sound, they delved deeper in organic sounds and looping tonal layers, which are intertwined with sparse industrial soundscapes. This brief musical offering successfully showcases both artists’ signature takes on ambient. The heavy-weight sound production, courtesy of Shrine, makes “Descent” a memorable experience, certainly worth owning on a 7” vinyl.

Composed and recorded in 2020 by Shrine and Mytrip.
Mixed and mastered by Shrine in 2021 at "The Shrine" studio.
Cover photograph by Tory Bishop. Graphic design and prepress by Shrine.

Shrine is Hristo Gospodinov.
Mytrip is Angel Simitchiev.

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