Monday, June 29, 2015

All three 2015 Martin Lukanov shows in Sofia that we promised are a history now.
The series ended last night with an intense gokkun performance.
What's left now is to enjoy his new tape Love Hits '09.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

amek005: gokkun - Love Hits '09 out NOW!

Harsh noise is not only colored in black and white, about violence and hate and the lowest of human needs. Harsh noise is warmth and gokkun’s ‘Love Songs ‘09’ is a lesson in affection, pure emotions and an insight in the anatomy of human spirits, whose paths have crossed, but will never lead to one another again.

Get a copy from our online store.

Recorded during gokkun’s 2009 European tour with Dave Philips and Mindfuckingboy ‘Love Songs ‘09’ is limited to just 20 copies and a digital version will never be officially published. Feel free to spread the love yourself. 

gokkun is Martin Lukanov 
artwork photography: Foie Gras 
this is amek005

Saturday, June 20, 2015

a-m_e|k_p 46 - BISING (movie screening) + gokkun & S.B.R. (live harsh noise performances) 28/06

We are super psyched to announce that the brand new documentary movie BISING, dedicated to the noise / experimental scene of Indonesia, will be officially screened in Bulgaria for the first time.

Amek & Abandonment are curating this Sunday event of harsh noise. 

It's happening in Sofia's Social Center Adelante and will feature exclusive harsh noise sets by gokkun (first show in 4-5 years) and S.B.R. 

Here's the official BISING trailer.

Friday, June 12, 2015

amek005 out on June 28th

This summer we're releasing amek005.
Spasmodic harsh noise with obscure rhythmic structures.
Recorded live all over Europe.
Tape limited to 20 copies.
June 28th. 

More info soon!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

a-m_e|k_p 46 w/ Martin Lukanov & Mytrip + BHE (18/06)

After the amazing night (mostly because of the caring audience) with dwaal & mother spit we're happy to announce event #2 of the three shows we've cooked for Martin Lukanov's June in Sofia. On June 18th in Sofia's Czech Center he and Mytrip will perform their piano-based, neo-classical album 'Two' alongside other (unreleased) pieces in that very same vein. 

A special guest of the evening is Simeon Dotkov and his newest project BHE (Binaural Headset Experiment). This will be his first gig with this alias and he'll present material from his third album 'Remember', released by Mahorka on May 18th.

a-m_e|k_p 46