Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Easterndaze x Berlin 2021

As part of the very special Easterndaze x Berlin 2021 Festival we are doing a collaborative release with Berlin-based label Vaagner. The full festival program has just been announced on Crack Magazine. Thankful to long friends Easterndaze for inviting us to do this. Keep your eyes peeled for more news.

First track off "An Embrace" is now streaming, a limited pre-order is also online. The release will be available to purchase at our Bandcamp on March 26.

Sunday, February 14, 2021

amek051 Angel Simitchiev & Linus Schrab "Airborne" CS

“Airborne” is a collaborative album from Angel Simitchiev (Mytrip, Dayin), also the first one released under his real name, and Linus Schrab (V I C I M, Thet Liturgiske Owäsendet, Purlieu Recordings). Throughout its seven tracks we observe two individual creative visions organically merging to shape a sound of its own. 

Order from Bandcamp.

“Airborne” was recorded in May 2019, during an intense creative weekend in Sofia, Bulgaria. The album showcases different facets of Simitchiev and Schrab’s rich musical palettes. From the ritualistic melancholia of opener ‘Initiation’, the industrial intensity of ‘A Smoke That Will Never Clear’, to the anemoia-inducing ghostly melodies of the self-titled piece and the dystopian, yet forlorn soundscapes of the album’s longest piece ‘Spores of Humanity’, “Airborne” is a work that combines ambient delicacy with the intensity of noise and post-industrial soundscapes. 

Recorded in Wind City Studio, Sofia on May 24, 2019. 
Minor edits and overdubs done in Spring, 2020. 
Additional textures in tracks 1 & 3 by Martin Lukanov 

Mixed and mastered by Marius Costache (Studio 148) 
Artwork by Silvana Ilieva

amek052 Anarchist Mountains Trio "La terre et la force" CS

“La terre et la force” is a subtle, beautifully paced album reflecting the summer day in Montréal, Canada on which it was born. On this recording Anarchist Mountains, usually a duo of brothers Stefan and Jordan Christoff, are joined by Joseph Sannicandro. 

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The result is an exchange, rooted in sonic conversation and also a moment of communion, a point in spacetime with everyone together in the city. “La terre et la force” offers a momentary transcendence. Within carefully yet intuitively orchestrated layers we hear Joseph contributing electronics and street sounds from his travels around the world. Jordan pours his heart and soul in delicate synth scapes, while Stefan offers a needed edge through electric guitar tones driven by volume boosts, that he first experimented with in teenage punk bands. 

 “La terre et la force” by Anarchist Mountains Trio is a sonic spell summoned by three kids with Mediterranean roots in the Americas. 

Jordan Christoff: synthesizer 
Joseph Sannicandro: field recordings, electronics 
Stefan Christoff: electric guitar 

Mastering by Marius Costache (Studio 148) 
Artwork photography by Angel Simitchiev

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Comfort Club #2

Comfort Club is an annual zine by Amek Collective. Its aim is to document our activities beyond the internet and social media. With 2020 being pretty much dead in terms of live shows, the second issue of our zine features people involved in various aspects of DIY culture. 

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Interviews with Michał Fundowicz, Overdriven Dreams, Falt, tsss tapes, Tsvetan Tsvetanov & Gjorgji Janevski, Ivan Shentov, Fabrika Avtonomia, Richard Stevenson 

Column by Jim Haynes 
Pro-printed, black and white zine, 76 pages. 
Limited to 104 copies.