Thursday, September 9, 2021

amex004 mother spit "extraction 19" CS

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mother spit is Angel Simitchiev & Martin Lukanov and "extraction 19" documents two of their 2019 live performances. The sound of the duo feels most at home in large, badly resonating rooms, where its defective sound artefacts and industrial debris can uncontrollably unfold and mutate into vast and bleak lo-fi soundscapes. mother spit operates with guttural basses, abrasive mid range and synthesised sound that lingers between precision and chaos. Those are let to wander freely into the performance space and only now and then are recaptured, of course, as carelessly as possible.

side A was recorded live on October 5, 2019

side B was recorded live on March 16, 2019 (tape exclusive) 

Artwork photography by Silvana Ilieva. 

EXPERIENCE is a tape series of live recordings, captured during Amek Collective events or guest appearances.