Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Jozef van Wissem (solo lute, NL) & Leaver (album release) 10/09/20

Feels weird to be announcing a concert but here it is. Leaver will be presenting their upcoming album "Hands Like Cages" with a live show on September 10. The very special guest of the show is Jozef van Wissem, one of our drone duo's earliest inspiration. Don't miss out. Tickets are here:

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Amek Collective Takeover @ Threads Radio

August 21, 2020 (Friday) we are doing a six-hour-long Amek Collective Takeover on the Threads* stream. The show starts at 6 pm (UK time) and features mixes from label heads Angel S. & Martin L., Conjecture, Evitceles, krāllār, V-stók & Phlp. Don't miss out. 

Sunday, August 9, 2020

amek045 Nocktern "NoStalgia" CS

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Debuted live during Amek Bummer Nights 2019 and recorded in a single take in February 2020, Nocktern's tape debut for Amek, NoStalgia proves a watershed moment for the project as it is the last recording before its transformation from a solo act into a duo. Careful and precise, yet live and free, the three movements found on the piece herein freely cross and amalgamate disparate genres and aesthetic influences to a result that makes us long for places, feelings and time that will never be. 


The opening minutes of NoStalgia are abstract and atmospheric with thick synth layers gradually being introduced to build up to an almost 80s synth wave climax in the middle of the over 20-minute-long piece. With percussive elements darkening the soundscape not unlike in Mind Over Heart, Nocktern’s contribution to Vanishing Standards (2019), the piece slowly fades into its calmest and most poetic part – a delicate piano coda that quietly communicates with the reflections of all transformation the track has gone through before it all disappears in silence.

Written, performed and mixed by Stoimen Stoyanov 
Recorded live at Glitch Lab Studio, Sofia 
Mastering by Marius Costache (Studio 148) 
Artwork by Mild Kiriya

amek043 krāllār "big sad" CS

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We heard the first incarnation of the material on big sad by krāllār during Amek Bummer Nights 2019. The processes, sources and sound treatments of this very physical live show deeply intrigued us and we instantly commissioned a recording session of the material with the idea to see it not only preserved but hopefully expanded in a studio work. That session took place in February 2020 and we’re now thrilled to present big sad – Ivan Shentov’s first krāllār tape release for Amek Collective.

Behind the seven pieces lies a single-take studio recording of intense tape collages, reamping of found sounds, tape loops and an almost Feedbacker-style fuzz worship. Beautiful and vulnerable even at their rawest and noisiest moments, the tracks on big sad see the artist's trademark tape work reaching new planes of emotional complexity and depth. This results in the album being a very honest and touching journey through the mind of its creator. The noise on big sad is as cathartic as poetry.


Writen & performed by Ivan Shentov
Recorded live at Glitch Lab Studio, Sofia
Mixed by Angel Simitchiev
Mastered by Marius Costache (Studio 148)
Artwork by Silvana Ilieva