Wednesday, August 30, 2017

amek017 'Tropic Of Cancel' EP coming soon

"Tropic Of Cancel" is a longer EP and a collection of songs put together by Maxim Mokdad and Margg Names. Those were recorded throughout the summer heat wave in 2017.

Оut soon on cassette & digital via Amek.

This week catch Maxim Mokdad play solo alongside Leaver & Tim Holehouse in Fabrika Avtonomia, Sofia (31/08) & ДОМ кафе, Pleven (02/08).

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

amek018 FEBRA - Furt Prietenesc

amek018 will be the debut album of Bucharest-based experimental duo FEBRA (featuring members of ENVIRONMENTS). It's the first time we're releasing a foreign band (meaning non-Bulgarian) on its own and it surely won't be the last. Tapes (limited to 50) will be available mid September. We're co-releasing it with boutique Romanian label 148. Until then streaming like there's no tomorrow.

FEBRA is: 

Marius Costache: production, synths 
Para: drums, keys, guitar 
Made at studio148  
Artwork: Andreea Roșca

Monday, August 14, 2017

amek015 Leaver & Tim Holehouse - Before The Fire (CS)

'Leaver & Tim Holehouse delve into an otherworldly surreal scope, one whose mystical quality feels palpable.' ~ Beach Sloth

'Mesmerizing music, filled with cloudy droning guitars and a voice, crisp and dry as the wind in burned out fields...' ~ Against The Odds

'The two sidelong pieces creak through reverb-laden caverns of forlorn guitar plucks and distant, sad, and surreal folk growls.' ~ Spool's Out

Leaver & Tim Holehouse
"Before The Fire"

Out on tape & digital Aug 31, 2017.
This is amek015.