Tuesday, August 23, 2016

a-m_e|k p_56 w/ Trysth, Feedbacker, Ivan Shopov, Leaver @ Mixtape 5 B-Side 21/09

ate - MCCV (2016) is OUT now!

amek009 is here! We're finally able to share with you ate's debut album MCCV - out now on cassette limited to 35 copies! 

'MCCV' is classical guitarist Petar Petkov's debut album as ate. Exploring instrumental drone ambient through loop layering of minimalist and symbolic musical figures, ate is building warm and introvert soundscapes. The four pieces in 'MCCV' are developing slowly and gently. 

Each note, chord or bowed tone is precisely picked and positioned in melodic or rhythmic patterns, soaked with melancholy. Through simplicity ate manages to build dronescapes as lively as contemporary chamber music.

released August 13, 2016 

 Composed, performed & recorded by Petar Petkov 
 Artwork by Georgia Ohio

Tuesday, August 16, 2016


ate's debut album 'MCCV' will be up for sale next week in our Bigcartel store.
He's touring Poland now alongside Mytrip to promote it.