Tuesday, August 23, 2016

a-m_e|k p_56 w/ Trysth, Feedbacker, Ivan Shopov, Leaver @ Mixtape 5 B-Side 21/09

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  1. I have seen THE other side:
    I was an NDE believe-it-or-not.
    Lemme tella youse d'fax, dear:
    the producers in whorewould
    wanna use you for Satanic means.
    That's just plain nasty
    if you cut a record deal
    which you most prooo'bly wont.

    Nevertheless, they're all into
    witchcraft/occult/killing you slow.
    And you'll be so whorizontalized,
    you wont know what's Up or down.
    Welcome to Hellfire.
    TheEnd... for eternity.

    I do not wish THAT on anyone.
    Lemme turn you around.
    Lemme turn you 180°
    to the Son...

    God bless your indelible soul, lil one.