Friday, June 17, 2022

amek064 Bogdan Simeonov "Equivalence" CS


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Bogdan Simeonov’s “Equivalence” kicks off in a severe, textured whirlwind of hurriedly (un)winding, mechanical clicks and cracks which are underscored by a series of submarine, hazy bursts of pulsating bass. The seemingly chaotic dynamism of this abrasive sonic flurry gradually simmers down, revealing underneath its ardor a delicate and dazzling aural tableau of luminously cascading chimes and drony synths. As the name of the album’s opener “syzygy” suggests, the listener is witnessing the steady, fluctuating structures of cosmic time and space, where order and disorder dialectically unfurl. The rest of the tracks further unravel the inner workings of this strife-ridden sonic parable by alternating between harshly textured, noisy set-pieces and hypnotic, sublimely undulating drones.

The concept of equivalence, originally borrowed from the field of algebraic topology (the study of algebraic invariants of spaces), receives in the context of the album a whole different, almost utopian meaning. Being both the title track and the closer, “Equivalence” sonically bears only residual marks and blemishes left over from the monumental dialectic (r)evolutions of Simeonov’s cosmic soundscapes. In the last moments of the conceptual and aural denouncement, the serenely layered, serpentine drones dreamily begin eluding description – they flow in and out of silence and like a sonorous cloud of sensuous ambiance, they disappear behind a horizon of arcadian stillness.

Written, recorded and produced by Bogdan Simeonov
Mastered by Marius Costache (Studio 148)
Design and artwork by Hasan Halilov
Liner notes by Stefan Goncharov

Monday, June 6, 2022

Shentov, Simitchiev, Lukanov, scav, Crosspolar at Koncept Space (gallery)

Shentov, Simitchiev, Lukanov



Shentov, Simitchiev, Lukanov, scav, Crosspolar at Koncept Space (gallery)
Koncept Space, Sofia
Photos by Zlatina Tochkova

May 28, 2022