Saturday, December 29, 2018

Amek Collective digitals - 90% off

Until Jan 1, 2019 get 28 digital releases from Amek Collective for as little as 11.40 eur. Head to

Additional 25% discount for individual purchases can be activated with code 'amek10' upon purchase. Show us some love. It's been an epic year.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

amek030 Discordless "Nelocuit" (CS)

Whole nine years have passed since Marius Costache (Environments, FEBRA) last published music under the name Discordless. Now, with his brand new full-length 'Nelocuit' the project is officially resurrected. The music is once again torn between the extremes. The atmospheres are raw, the synths and bass lines are heavily re-amped through guitar gear giving the record the signature live but mean Marius Costache sound.

 'Nelocuit' crosses the fragile boundaries of all genres it's exploring. The harsher take on ambient music and the bold experimentalism of Discordless often infiltrate the realms of club music with high bpm beats and aggressive percussive textures. No better way to close the year but with a return of one of our favorite sonic maniacs. Discordless is back!

Order via Bandcamp.

Created at Studio148 by Marius Costache with Para (track 7), Fane (track 8), Șerb (track 4). 
Artwork by Alexandru Das.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

November distro update

We stocked a bunch of dope records from Zoharum (PL), Aliens (SK) and various other labels. All stuff is available via Discogs or you can just drop us a Facebook message, especially if you are from Bulgaria.

Older distro items find here.

PHURPA 'Rituals of Bon I LP
PHURPA 'Rituals of Bon II LP
MAMMOTH ULTHANA 'Particular Factors' LP 
ZENIAL 'Minotaur' LP (experimental electronic)

MAEROR TRI ‘Ultimate Time’
MAEROR TRI ‘Archaic States’
VIDNA OBMANA ‘The Trilogy’ 3xCD
RARA ‘Planet Death Architecture / Koncert w Radiu Gdańsk’ 2xCD
ECHOES OF YUL ‘The Healing Sessions’
HYBRYDS 'Mythical Music for the 21st Century
'Vultures Quartet With Schuyler Tsuda 'Sui Generis'

SWEEPS 04 - Dormancy LP

ECHOES OF YUL 'The Healing' LP
ECHOES OF YUL ‘The Healing Sessions’ CD

Disharmony 'Cloned II' CD
The Opposer Divine 'Reverse//Human' CD
Disharmony 'Fragments Of Time' CD
Samhain 'Blind Devotion' CD
Ambigous 'The Garden of Ruins' CD

Uncle Grasha's Flying Circus "Stalinist God" CS
Orture 'Orture' CS

VAZIO 'Vazio' CD

Monday, November 26, 2018

A Life In Waves (Screening) + Yuzu (live set) at Фабрика Автономия 17/12

Amek & Crooked Cinema are uniting efforts to present the female take on electronic music through "A Life In Waves", a beautiful documentary about the life and work of synth legend Suzanne Ciani. We have prepared quite a few special things among which an exclusive performance by Sofia-born but Vienna-based sound artist Yuzu (Milena Georgieva). 

Full program of the event find in the link below. See you at Фабрика Автономия.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

КПД-0 - creating the artwork

Two years ago in alliance with Ugly and Proud Records we did an epic effort to preserve a part of the legacy of Sofia noise-rock legend КПД-0. We co-released their discography 2xLP in a super limited run with a pretty special artwork. The music was also remastered to perfectly fit the format.

Now, for the first time ever we're revealing a part of the process behind the visuals of the record, done by the very hands of Kostadin Kokalanov & Dessislav Lilkov. 

See the full process here

You can still order the 2xLP here

КПД-Ø forever.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

МЪГЛА - November 25, 2018

An autumn celebration of drifting music.

8 hours of ambient and drone selected by Бетон & Amek Collective residents plus beloved guests.

Фабрика Автономия
November 25, 2018

Monday, November 5, 2018

ate & Stereocilia UK/PL Tour 2018

After releasing the absolutely beautiful 'Secondary Drowning' tape, ate is ending 2018 with a tour. He'll be droning at eight shows across the UK and Poland with fellow guitar-drone mastermind Stereocilia. Don't miss them if they reach your city. They are also releasing a limited split tour tape. 

Here's the full schedule:

24/11/18 - Fuse | Bradford, UK 
25/11/18 - Cafe Kino | Bristol, UK
26/11/18 - Centrala | Birmingham, UK (fb event)
27/11/18 - The Castle, Whitechapel | London, UK (fb event)
28/11/18 - Baza | Krakow, PL
29/11/18 - Venue TBC | Wrocław, PL
30/11/18 - Kolonia Artystów | Gdansk, PL (fb event)
01/12/18 - Muzeum Książki Artystycznej | Łódź, PL (fb event)

Monday, October 8, 2018

Discordless "NELOCUIT" out soon via Amek & 148

In alliance with Romanian experimental label 148 we're releasing the first Discordless album in 9 years. Hear it live for the first time in Control Club, Bucharest this week. Tape & digital to follow shortly. Video teaser is below.

Friday, September 21, 2018

a-m_e|k p_73 A Night of Curious Transmissions @ Studio 1, BNR 06/10

Amek, Alarma Punk Jazz & Indioteque are three Sofia based booking collectives that have all been founded in 2008 and have somehow survived the Bulgarian underground for 10 years now. To celebrate a decade of shared struggle and joy we're combining efforts on this epic even in the legendary Studio 1 of the Bulgarian National Radio.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

amek028 LATE - Color Drained (CS)

Sofia-based electronic producer LATE is back on Amek with ‘Color Drained’. His brand new, six-track EP and the successor to his 2017 debut ‘Blood’, sees him exploring an even darker and deeper side of his music. This results in a mostly mid-tempo based brooding sound, severely bit-crushed beats and percussions in league with spacious ambiances and futuristic sound design. If LATE’s very own meticulous worship of detail wasn’t enough, the EP also features an obscure and amorphic remix of the self-titled track, courtesy of Valance Drakes.

Order via Bandcamp.

All music written and produced by Emil Mitov.
Artwork by Georgi Sharov.

amek027 Nelegat - Intolerance (CS)

Nelegat exists in the underworld of Sofia’s electronic scene with sporadic but memorable appearance. ‘Intolerance’ is his debut release and it offers a painfully beautiful introduction into his concrete but hellish world. Nelegat’s invasive sound has a lot to do not only with raw techno and ambient but with pure digital noise as well. ‘Intolerance’ is an intense and permanent sonic build up. It’s structured by neurotic ambiance, convulsive noisescapes and climaxes in deceivingly hypnotic technoid offerings.

Order via Bandcamp.

Recorded and produced by Stephan Panev. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Les Halles, Magnétophonique & Omori (gallery)

An epic mid-week ambient gathering.
w/ Les Halles *FR, Magnétophonique *FR, Omori
Фабрика Автономия

Les Halles

Les Halles


Photos by Silvana Ilieva.

Monday, August 13, 2018

amek029 Omori - Isomorphism / Transparency (CS)

"Isomorphism / Transparencey" is the debut release of 18 years old artist Stoyan Yovchev - Omori. The record sees him abandoning his usual genre-crossing rhythmic music explorations to delve deep into the most paranoid and abstract territories of ambient, drone and noise. His sound is both multilayered and decaying in the most beautiful way. 

"Isomorphism / Transparency" is intense and otherworldy but still far from being sterile. Cosmic pulsations are deeply rooted in all the pieces. They exist in constant symbiosis with obscure rhythmic debris and transparent ambiances. It's a harsh but welcoming sonic structure and you're allowed inside not as a mere observer but a fully functioning part of the whole.

Order via Bandcamp.

All music & artwork by Stoyan Yovchev. 

This is amek029.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Summer distro update - Aliens Production

It's summer time in Bulgaria and as usual it's when we're trying to clear up as much of the stock available as possible. We just got a bunch of awesome Aliens Production releases and we're waiting for a bunch of other titles from friend labels. For prices and purchases drop us a line on Facebook or order directly from our Discogs store.

Here's what we got from Aliens.

 ISH - Resonance Level / CD 
Ish - Structures of mind / CD
dISHARMONY - Cloned II / CD 
 dISHARMONY - Fragments of time / CD 

Hypotaxia - V.a. / CD 
Samhain - One minute to twelve / CD 
 RecFrag - Recovered fragments / CD 
 The opposer divine - Reverse human / CD 

Polygon - Sein lernen / CD
Polygon - Sein lernen / Remixes / CD 
 Polygon - Einzelheiten / CD 

Hyperthermia - V.a. / CD 
Eclipsed - The probabilistic mind / CDr 
V.a. - Hypercommunity / CD 

Sunday, July 22, 2018

ПЛАЖ - July 21, 2018 (gallery)

ПЛАЖ // бетон и amek
Фабрика Автономия

Margg Names (OOHS!)





Photos by Lyuben Denev.