Thursday, May 16, 2024

Amek Collective Showcase in KC Živa, Belgrade

Born Erased



Vague Voices

10/05 KC Živa
Belgrade, Serbia
Photos by Nikola Kostov

Friday, May 3, 2024

Amek Showcase at KC Živa, Belgrade on May 10

On May 10 catch Born Erased (debut live), Cyberian, Evitceles & Vague Voices alongside P. Amir & Momentum Ergonomics in Belgrade, Serbia for an Amek Collective showcase. Thanks to Obscure Bookings & crvenilo crew for having us!

Sunday, April 21, 2024

Comfort Club #5

The fifth issue of our annual fanzine Comfort Club was published two weeks ago but we forgot to update our ancient yet beloved blog. However, copies are still available so if you'd like to continue your collection feel free to do so by following the link below. Thanks to all contributors, guests, and interviewees. 

Order at Bandcamp.

As usual, the fifth issue features regular archival interviews alongside several previously unpublished pieces. 
  • Interviews with Aidan Baker, Alex Zhang Hungtai, Passepartout Duo, Sara Persico, Stéphane Clor, Uochi Toki
  • Guest pieces by Boyan Manchev, Ivan Zoloto, Stanimir Panayotov
  • Photo essay by Maxim Mokdad 
Pro-printed, black and white A5 zine, 90 pages. 
Limited to 104 copies.

Sunday, January 28, 2024

Koncept Space Farewell Show (gallery)

NxMx & S.V.

NxMx & S.V.


Isadora Chadeaux


Koncept Space, Sofia
Photos by Nikola Kostov


Monday, December 18, 2023

amek070 Vanishing Standards III (CS)

Order on tape & digital at Bandcamp.


The third installment of our bi-annual Vanishing Standards compilation series closes the year of our fifteenth anniversary. As usual, we wanted to have as many members of our extended family aboard as possible, as well as welcome new ones into it. Of course, they are in the company of Amek regulars, whom, whenever we could, we tried to inspire to work in new collaborations and configurations. The result is not only the shortest volume in the series but also the first one dominated by atmospheric, yet noisy, tracks punctuated with unexpected heavy hitters. 


Mastered by Marius Costache 
Artwork by Nikola Kostov

Friday, November 24, 2023

amex005 V0LAND "Innenraum" CS

Order at Bandcamp

Symeon Yovev (V0LAND) is a Bulgarian-born composer and experimental artist. Field recordings, modern-day experimental hardware instruments, and obscure vintage sound machines are among his preferred tools. This more hardware-leaning approach has resulted in music that is not only meticulously structured, and texturally rich, but also deep, nuanced, and still somehow impulsive and organic. To quote V0LAND, his music draws inspiration from the spontaneous organization of chaos into form. And what is a better example of organized musical chaos if not the distillate form of a live performance. 


If you’ve followed Amek for long enough you probably already know that we love raw demos, debut albums, and first live shows. “Innenraum” documents not only a session of shared musical exploration but also the artist’s first-ever show in his hometown of Sofia. This is exactly why we decided to welcome V0LAND in Amek not with a studio recording but with this live artifact that documents the music he presented in late Spring 2023 in Sofia.

INNENRAUM was performed live on May 27, 2023 at Koncept Space, Sofia by Symeon Yovev (V0LAND). 

EXPERIENCE is a tape series of live recordings, captured during Amek Collective events or guest appearances.

Thursday, October 19, 2023

amek069 Evitceles "Bruised" CS


Order at Bandcamp.

On "Bruised", his third full-length album for Amek, Bulgarian producer Evitceles probes even deeper into his bottomless and tainted well of influences. As hinted in some of the project's other, most recent, releases, his music has become even more guitar and vocal-centered, with beats and basslines feeling somehow colder and simpler. While the artist's signature aggressive, at times lo-fi, approach to production makes the overall sound of the album feel gritty and punishing, "Bruised" also has a tasty and deranged post-punk flavor to it.

Like every other bit of Etien Slavchev’s constantly morphing discography as Evitceles, the album doesn’t stay in the same place for long. It toys with us through drastic mood switches, innate intensity, and laconic but emotional lyrics and vocals. We never know where Evitceles’ music is headed, but we want to be a part of this journey. You’re (kind of) welcome too!

Produced by Etien Slavchev
Artwork by Mild Kiriya

Saturday, October 7, 2023

a-m_e|k p_103 Conjecture (GR), Evitceles, XI-N (DE), LATE at Koncept Space on 04/11

Greek post-industrial artist Conjecture returns to Sofia five years after his last show here in the company of XI-N and local madmen Evitceles & Late. November 4 at Koncept Space, Sofia. See you there!

RSVP here:

Friday, September 15, 2023

amek068 Valance Drakes "Hate Devours Its Host" LP

In the year of our 15th anniversary, we've been extremely picky with the records we want to put out so we are delighted to be announcing the release of "Hate Devours Its Host", a brand new full-length by Valance Drakes and his third one for Amek. This is undoubtedly the enigmatic and shadowy producer's most ambient-leaning work and we are proud to be sharing this with the world on limited vinyl & digital. Thanks to everyone who's been involved in this project.

Оrder at Bandcamp.

Four years lay between An Angel In Alliance With Falsehood and Hate Devours Its Host, Valance Drakes’s brand new full-length for Amek Collective. This deeply personal record sets the producer on yet another path of narrative-driven musical alchemy. Without a doubt, Hate Devours Its Host is Valance Drakes’ most atmospheric work to date. Multilayered ambient soundscapes and spiraling melodic debris are used not as a backdrop but as the backbone of the record. The producer's signature intricate rhythmic structures, subterranean basslines, and hypnotizing sample manipulation are entangled in this drifting sonic environment. All these elements become an inseparable and emotionally intense whole.

We watched this album grow and unfold. As with all things Valance Drakes, the music in Hate Devours Its Host seems that it can be experienced in a breath but truly grasping everything that lies within requires patience and attention to detail. All elements in Hate Devours Its Host are carefully considered, meticulously organized, and purposeful. This full-length is another showcase not just of Drakes' sound design and compositional craftsmanship but an honest representation of life as beautiful or punishing as it can get.

Produced by Valance Drakes
Mastered by Marius Costache
Artwork by Nikola Kostov

Sunday, September 3, 2023

a-m_e|k p_103 Passepartout Duo (IT), Musical Statues, Dayin at Koncept Space - 01.10.2023

For the 14th event of our Sunday concert series шумна неделя, we return to Koncept Space with the Italian electroacoustic and experimental music project Passepartout Duo and local support by Musical Statues and Dayin. See you there!


Sunday, July 23, 2023

Angel Simitchiev & Lucia Udvardyova at ReBonkers, Varna (gallery)

Angel Simitchiev & Lucia Udvardyova

Amek x Easterndaze
Listening Biennial 2023 
21/07/23 ReBonkers, Varna 
Photos by Silvana Ilieva