Friday, September 15, 2023

amek068 Valance Drakes "Hate Devours Its Host" LP

In the year of our 15th anniversary, we've been extremely picky with the records we want to put out so we are delighted to be announcing the release of "Hate Devours Its Host", a brand new full-length by Valance Drakes and his third one for Amek. This is undoubtedly the enigmatic and shadowy producer's most ambient-leaning work and we are proud to be sharing this with the world on limited vinyl & digital. Thanks to everyone who's been involved in this project.

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Four years lay between An Angel In Alliance With Falsehood and Hate Devours Its Host, Valance Drakes’s brand new full-length for Amek Collective. This deeply personal record sets the producer on yet another path of narrative-driven musical alchemy. Without a doubt, Hate Devours Its Host is Valance Drakes’ most atmospheric work to date. Multilayered ambient soundscapes and spiraling melodic debris are used not as a backdrop but as the backbone of the record. The producer's signature intricate rhythmic structures, subterranean basslines, and hypnotizing sample manipulation are entangled in this drifting sonic environment. All these elements become an inseparable and emotionally intense whole.

We watched this album grow and unfold. As with all things Valance Drakes, the music in Hate Devours Its Host seems that it can be experienced in a breath but truly grasping everything that lies within requires patience and attention to detail. All elements in Hate Devours Its Host are carefully considered, meticulously organized, and purposeful. This full-length is another showcase not just of Drakes' sound design and compositional craftsmanship but an honest representation of life as beautiful or punishing as it can get.

Produced by Valance Drakes
Mastered by Marius Costache
Artwork by Nikola Kostov

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