Monday, April 22, 2019

amek034 Vague Voices "Гробник" (CS)

Vague Voices is a collaborative project between Stefan Bachvarov (Cyberian) and Angel Simitchiev (Mytrip). What initially started as a commissioned live performance for Sofia Game Night 2018 – an event dedicated to gaming culture – was further expanded due to their shared interest in subjects like video game sound, depressive club music and black metal.

Order on tape & digital via Bandcamp.
Tape limited to 77 copies.

The result is ‘Гробник', a varying full-length that inhabits multiple realms of of contemporary electronic music. Murky long-form ambient pieces are scattered all across the record. Those morph into the reverb-drenched sporadically percussive likes of "Water Prison" or "Extinction Is The Rule" and it all climaxes in the abstract rhythmic explorations of "Armor", "Berserk" and "Soul Mirror".

The name of the record comes from an old Bulgarian word meanings an elderly person approaching their death, a mythical vampire-like creature or а grave-digger.

Written and produced by Stefan Bachvarov & Angel Simitchiev
Vague Voices logo by Georgi Ivanov

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Monday, April 15, 2019

amek033 Conjecture "V" (LP)

In 2017 Conjecture released "My Body, Your Temple" for Amek. In this five-track EP he showcased a deeper, more sinister and beautifully atmospheric take on his usual rhythmic take on post-industrial music. Now we are beyond excited to present you "V", his brand new full-length release and a first appearance on vinyl. 

“V” is an anti-body statement. The individual's disengagement from the human body and from all kinds of physical hypostases is portrayed through unconventional industrial sound forms. Sometimes being oneiric, sometimes frozen and aggressive, while in the same somewhat erotic, Conjecture’s musical expressions are well-constructed and climax into the literary metaphor of the human body deconstruction. “V” is dedicated to the process of seeking out the individual existence, which is able to occur beyond the barriers of life, death or creation.

Each track on the album reflects a fragment of a bigger entity, which by its end becomes whole. “V” unveils the materiality of flesh and the frailty of thoughts, personality and physical restrictions. Conjecture seeks a new concept for the human being and its very existence beyond logic. This album is an obsessive manifest against the flesh-cage, a hymn for the consciousness, found standing silent in the background and reflects the true nature and cause of personal existence.

Limited to 275 copies on black-white marbled vinyl.

Written, performed and mixed by Vasilis Angelopoulos 
Digitals mastered by Sotiris Laskaris 
Vinyl mastered by Anatoly Tokee Grinberg 
Poem in "Σάρκα" by Νικος Εγγονόπουλος 
Voice in "Σάρκα" by Vaia Pilafa 
Cover photo by Vaia Pilafa (
Cover model Hawk Stigmata 

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