Tuesday, May 3, 2022

a-m_e|k p_93 Jerusalem In My Heart, Jessica Moss, OOHS! at Mixtape 5 - 29/05

Our Sunday noise show series шумна неделя returns to its original live format for a live concert, hosted in collaboration with partners in crime Alarma Punk Jazz. On May 29, Jerusalem In My Heart returns to Sofia in the company of the amazing Jessica Moss. Our own dream-pop cowboys OOHS! will be opening the evening. You can find tickets here

P.S. The show takes place right after Sofia Дrone Day 2022 (a free show) so prepare for an Amek weekend at the very end of May. 

RSVP: https://facebook.com/events/513358016935821/

Sunday, May 1, 2022

Ivan Shopov, Vague Voices, Hiro Kone, Evitceles at Koncept Space (gallery)

Ivan Shopov

Vague Voices

Hiro Kone


Ivan Shopov, Vague Voices, Hiro Kone, Evitceles
Koncept Space, Sofia
April 27, 2022