Friday, September 21, 2018

a-m_e|k p_73 A Night of Curious Transmissions @ Studio 1, BNR 06/10

Amek, Alarma Punk Jazz & Indioteque are three Sofia based booking collectives that have all been founded in 2008 and have somehow survived the Bulgarian underground for 10 years now. To celebrate a decade of shared struggle and joy we're combining efforts on this epic even in the legendary Studio 1 of the Bulgarian National Radio.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

amek028 LATE - Color Drained (CS)

Sofia-based electronic producer LATE is back on Amek with ‘Color Drained’. His brand new, six-track EP and the successor to his 2017 debut ‘Blood’, sees him exploring an even darker and deeper side of his music. This results in a mostly mid-tempo based brooding sound, severely bit-crushed beats and percussions in league with spacious ambiances and futuristic sound design. If LATE’s very own meticulous worship of detail wasn’t enough, the EP also features an obscure and amorphic remix of the self-titled track, courtesy of Valance Drakes.

Order via Bandcamp.

All music written and produced by Emil Mitov.
Artwork by Georgi Sharov.

amek027 Nelegat - Intolerance (CS)

Nelegat exists in the underworld of Sofia’s electronic scene with sporadic but memorable appearance. ‘Intolerance’ is his debut release and it offers a painfully beautiful introduction into his concrete but hellish world. Nelegat’s invasive sound has a lot to do not only with raw techno and ambient but with pure digital noise as well. ‘Intolerance’ is an intense and permanent sonic build up. It’s structured by neurotic ambiance, convulsive noisescapes and climaxes in deceivingly hypnotic technoid offerings.

Order via Bandcamp.

Recorded and produced by Stephan Panev.