Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Summer Distro Sale

This is our promised summer distro sale! All titles are discounted and with (at least) 3 upcoming releases and 3 shows this fall we'll need as much as possible of these to go. 

A lot of stuff is on DONATION price so just hit us up with a message on Facebook

Discounts will be offered if you take more records. That sell is more or less available on Discogs as well: https://www.discogs.com/seller/vile.odp/profile

Various - Protos Orofos - 1 (CD, Comp, Ltd) 5 eur
Mindfuckingboy* - Mindfuckingboy (CD, Album)
Various - Pangaea Noise (CD, Comp) 10 eur
Dave Phillips – A Collection Of Curses 6 eur
Gal* – Relive 5 eur
Dissecting Table – Early Studio Works 1986/87 CD 3 eur

Various – Japanoise Of Death II CD 3 eur

Bizarre Uproar – Rape Africa CD 5 eur
Various - Pangaea Noise (CD, Comp)

Napalmed – Noisax Jazzostrial Fractamental CD 3
Napalmed - iii (CD, Album, Ltd) 
Napalmed – Never Mind The MSBR, Here's The Napalmed 
Napalmed - Up To The Ears In Tinnitus (CD, Album, Ltd) 
Kylie Minoise - The Paralysis Sect (CDr, Album)
Kylie Minoise – Live In Japan CDr, Album 
Kylie Minoise – Spank-Magic Lodge CD 

Nurses - Hangin' Nothin' But Our Hands Down (CD, Album) (indie / experimental)
Nurses - Apple's Acre (CD, Album) (indie / experimental)
Astral Travelling Unity – Studio And Live (ambient)
Talibam! – Ordination Of The Globetrotting Conscripts CD   (free jazz)
Talibam - Buns and Gutter (free jazz)
NIkki Louder - Silent Bird CDr (noise rock)

TraumaSutra - s/t CDr - ritual ambient - donation price
Hybryds – Mythical Music From The 21st Century CD (re-issue) tribal / psych ambient - donation price
Siyanie – Shining Of Unity CD - donation price
Siyanie – Homo Multidimensional CD - donation price
Wo0* - Come Blue (CDr) - 3 eur
Mathias Grassow – Wisdom Of Fate 2xCD - donation price

Paul Ellis – I Am Here CD - donation price

Omenya – Kali Mantras CD 3 eur

Pacific 231 + Bardoseneticcube – The Traditions Of Changes CD - industrial - donation price
Moljebka Pvlse | Seventeen Migs Of Spring – Ravha | Electricity Gardens CD - dark ambient - 3 eur
Vultures Quartet With Schuyler Tsuda – Sui Generis - experimental, free improv - CD - donation price
Nastro mortal "Lava e Zolle Terrestri" [CD-R] - drone - 3 eur 
Ketsu No Ana - Ketsu No Ana (CDr, Album) doom metal - 3 eur
Chronotope Project - Chrysalis (CDr, Album) - donation price
Ivan Čkonjević - When Sky Was Not This Great Big Cage For Birds (CDr, Album)

ALL STUFF ON DONATION PRICE CHECK DISCOGS list or Facebook message us for details.

all tapes 3 eur

Haare – Forward To Insanity - power electronics, ritual, noise
Ak'chamel* – Let No One Want What I Have - ritual 
Mathias Grassow - The Evident Void - drone 


All CDs above on donation price

This Gift is A Curse - I, Guilt Bearer 
Minus Three - MMXII (tour edition)
Harlots - Betrayer

KPD-0 – КПД-0 2xLP - 20 eur - math rock / alternative
Talibam! - The Excusable Earthling (LP) 10 eur - free jazz
KILT – Snow White In Hell 7 eur - noise

All 7” vinyls 5 eur

Mytrip – Empty - dark ambient / drone eur

Deche-Charge / Nihilistic Front - 25 Years Of Crap !! / Studs And Rags #1 (7", Ltd, Num)

Astro – Deformation Receiver

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