Monday, August 16, 2021

amek057 slntsqencs "haar" CS


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The collaboration between classical guitarist Petar Petkov (ate) and producer Arkadiusz Krupiński (random_orb), both based in Gdańsk, was first hinted at in the compilation Vanishing Standards (Amek, 2019). Two years and a couple of shows later, the duo, now known as slntsqencs (reads as Silent Sequences), is presenting their debut full-length album 'haar'. Named after the meteorological phenomenоn cold sea fog, which occurs when warm air passes over a cold sea front, the record combines the soothing feeling of atmospheric ambient music with just the right amount of tension and uncertainty.

Simultaneously drawing from each artists' previous works and striving to reach a sound of its own, the music on 'haar' feels just as evocative as its title suggests. Its dense layers of guitar work and synthetic textures are vast and often disorienting, yet beautiful enough to contemplate over. Existing on the boundaries between ambient, drone and sequenced-electroacoustic music, the album is a promising beginning of what we hope will grow into a long-lasting musical outlet.

Written and performed by Petar Petkov & Arkadiusz Krupiński in Saloon Studio during 2019.
Mixed and mastered by Marius Costache (Studio 148).
Artwork by Arkadiusz Krupinski

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